You don’t need ‘beefs’; it’s for the young and stupid – Edem tells Jayso

Rapper Edem says ‘beefs’ are for the young and stupid.

According to the ‘Nyedzilo’ hitmaker lyrical beef, which became prominent during American stars, Notorious BIG and Tupac era, were misleading.

Edem’s comment comes on the heels of allegations that his fellow rapper, Jayso’s song titled ‘Barfest’ throws shots at M.anifest.

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“I don’t think that both of them need it at this stage of their careers or I don’t think that Jayso needs it if he really went for Manifest, I don’t think they both need it,” Edem said while reacting to Jayso’s ‘Barfest’ track.

When JoyNews’ MzGee asked if Edem subscribes to the argument that lyrical beef is an attribute of Hip-hop, he said, “The people who have misled us over the years have stopped. JayZ has stopped so it was actually people misleading us because they were young and stupid so we don’t have to be young and stupid.”


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